Manhattan Pre-engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings use a framing structure that primarily utilize I-beams, which are I-shaped members. They are typically created by welding together steel plates in order to form the I section. They are subsequently assembled to form the general frame of the pre-engineered building.

A pre-engineered building’s purpose is to use the best selected raw materials that can satisfy many structural and aesthetic design requirements. These raw materials are picked from various sources and manufacturing methods through a pre-engineering building supplier or manufacturer. Pre-engineer buildings are also referred to as “pre-engineered metal buildings” or simply “engineered metal buildings” in some circles. There are other methods of framing, including castellated bems, mill sections, and trusses.

Engineers must take a look at the clear span between bearing points, bay spacing, roof slope, live and dead loads, and more in order to design a pre-engineered building properly. They traditionally used pre-selected tables for various structural elements at their disposal when deciding the best size for an I beam in their project, but this is become an obsolete practice due to computer technology.

If designed properly, a pre-engineered building in Long Island can have its advantage over a steel building. For example, well-designed pre-engineered buildings can be lighter than their steel counterparts by up to 30 percent. This lighter weight means less steel, which in turn means less spending and therefore more savings in a budget.

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