Brooklyn Structural Steel Buildings

Structural steel buildings, as the name suggests, are composed of structural steel. Structural steel is a steel construction material and profile with specific chemical compositions and mechanical properties. They are formed with a unique cross section and shape. Nearly all industrialized nations regulate the size, composition, shape, and other factors that are involved in structural steel. Structural steel members tend to be extremely stiff in their cross-sectional area due to having high second moments of area.

Structural steel buildings in Brooklyn are usually composed of carbon steels, tempered alloy steels, and steels that observe properties of high strength, low alloy, and corrosion resistance. ASTM International is responsible for specifying and identifying standard alloys in structural steel that are used in building construction in the United States. These structural steels are identified with the letter A and then subsequently two to four numbers; however, those steels that are used for engineering, vehicles, and machines commonly use a different specification composed of four-digit AISI steel grades.

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