Similar to remodeling projects, renovations intend on improving the interior or exterior of a property. The difference between the two is how and why: while remodeling projects tend to use existing space and items to change purpose, renovations aim to “renew” or “restore” something by tearing down and starting from right from scratch.

Bar Construction Corp is your one-stop shop for such renovation projects, providing budgets, planning, demolitions, materials, furnishings, and more… all under one umbrella. We begin with a walkthrough of your home, office, retail space, or building to assess your vision. Optionally, you may provide your own architect to assist us; if not, we offer our own design work and project management. We then determine what type of fixtures, furnishings, and material to use and create a budget. Next, the demolition begins; we gut and rip down the entire property and start anew, bringing in new floors, furnishings, and more. When custom cabinetry is needed, we provide our own through our workshop to give you a unique, classy finish.

No renovation project is too large or too complex for our team; we have over two decades of experience renovating residential and commercial properties, including apartments, houses, restaurants, bars, children’s boutiques, lobbies, and financial institutions throughout the New York metropolitan area.

We welcome you to schedule a walk-through or consultation today for your next renovation project by calling us or sending an e-mail through our contact form.

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