There’s a lot of confusion between “remodeling” and “renovating” a property, and while similar, often times the two terms are used interchangeably. In its simplest terms, to remodel is to alter or reconstruct. Remodeling can also mean fundamentally changing the purpose of something. It’s generally agreed, however, that a remodel is more time-involved with a bigger investment than a renovation, but in the end it can prove to be a more fulfilling project.

If you’re planning on doing some home improvements or remodeling projects, Bar Construction Corp has all the experience and quality craftsmanship at your disposal. We are a full service construction and remodeling contractor serving the New York Metropolitan area. From living room remodeling and kitchen remodeling to finishing off your bedroom and bathroom to match the rest of your property, we can start off or finish any residential remodeling or construction project.

Perhaps you’re a business or retailer looking to add a new facility or bathroom to your current building. No problem. Bar Construction Corp is licensed and insured and can take on any size commercial remodeling project. We’re experienced in office build-outs, office additions, office construction, restaurant and bar remodeling, adding retail space or new locations, and accessibility modifications. We understand that time is money, and we’re capable of working within and meeting deadlines in the fast-paced environments in the corporate world.

We welcome you to schedule a walk-through or consultation today for your next remodeling project by calling us or sending an e-mail through our contact form.

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